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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, Lapis' Capture. We appreciate the attempt.
Lapis' Capture
Theory Information
Author Ice Bear Phantom
Illustrator Ice Bear Phantom
Date of Publication January 9th, 2016
Publication Order
Previous Secrets of Stevonnie
Next Amethyst Wants To Be Human

Lapis was trapped in a mirror and it couldn't be clearer: she wanted to leave earth and get herself back in space. However, the real question is why was she trapped in the mirror?

The Capture

Association with the Diamonds

Sapphire Classic

From Lapis' appearance, we can assume that she associates with Blue Diamond. No, this is not because she is the color blue. Blue Diamond had three red Rubies for crying out loud! The answer is in her dress. Note the dress of Sapphire (who is confirmed to be a Blue Diamond associate) in "The Answer. A blue diamond shape is at the top of it. Now, look back at Lapis. Her dress has a nice dark blue diamond on it. However, some of the Diamond's associates don't have this image on their outfits. Remember that Lapis and Sapphire have great powers (Lapis having hydrokinesis and Sapphire having future sight). A diamond is probably reserved for her high-class gems. Lapis' strength brings me to my next point.

Rarity and Power of Lapis Lazuli Gems

Lapis Hand
In her appearances, Lapis has used her power in hydrokinetics. It is massively strong, enough to make Garnet, a powerful fusion, flinch. This hydrokinetic power would probably not be something seen every day. This would make a Lapis Lazuli gem out of the ordinary and rare. Sapphires had a massive power and were considered rare. So, why wouldn't a massively powerful Lazuli be of great rarity?


With every rare and powerful item, there is always someone who covets it. If Blue Diamond had a rare Lapis Lazuli on her side, wouldn't other Diamonds want one too? This is probably a reason why Lapis was in Peridot and Jasper's clutches in "The Return" and "Jailbreak". They wanted the Lazuli for Yellow Diamond. Due to this desire, the Mirror may have been a prison for some gem to take her easily. It may have also been a way to stop the bickering.

The Mirror Prison and Pearl's Ownership

Pearl Summon

To stop the bickering, one Diamond must have taken Lazuli out of play in the mirror. Using it to take this rare gem out of the question would stop the fight as no one would have her. This Diamond was probably seen as trying to take the gem for her own. This leads to why the mirror is in our Pearl's "pocket dimension". Pearls are used as servants for Diamonds. Pearl's former Diamond must have used the fact that her Pearl possessed this "pocket" and used it to hide the mirror.

Disproved Theory

This theory was disproved in "Same Old World", when Lapis Lazuli explains how she was captured in a different method.

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