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If You Have Watched It, Mari Kita Mulai (Lets Start This)

Jasper Is A Fusion Theory

Jasper, Could Be A Fusion Ok? Ok. So Lets Start This Theory With Malachite. Malachite Is A Fusion, 2 Gem Fusion, A Fusion Of Lapis Lazuli And Jasper, but Something Is Weird About Her, Yes its Her Size, Her Size Is The Same With Sugilite, Alexandrite, And Sardonyx. And They're All More Than 2 Fusions, With The Same Size... Same Size Like Malachite, But Malachite Is 2 Gems.... Strange... 2 Gems Fusions Are Not Like This, Their Size Is Like An Adult Or The Tallest Man In the World... Like Stevonnie, Garnet, Opal, Rainbow Quartz, Smoky Quartz. Ok Now Lets Move On.. Where Is Her Other Gem? Inside? idk, wdk. Did Jasper Fuse With A Human? An Alien? Aliens Outside Homeworld And Earth? wdk. But Probably... NO! She Could Be A Forced Fusion Like The Cluster Or A Fusion Experiment By Homeworld Like The Look At Her Gem... Now Look At The Jaspers From The Episode "That Will Be All" (Inculding Skinny Jasper) They're Round... Different Than Our (Not Really) Jasper

Ah Well, Thats The Things I Found So Far 

(Please Edit For More Hints/Clues)

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