Humans are Slaves
Greg in Terror
Theory Information
Author Bubble-Blitz
Illustrator Bubble-Blitz
Date of Publication April, 30th, 2016

There´s no such thing as a good war, kiddo. Gems were destroyed, people too...

—Greg Universe, The Return

Wait, what did Greg mean by "people too"? As mentioned sometimes, the war happened many thousands of years ago, and the flashback of "The Answer" took place before The Common Era. But it was also confirmed that history and the earth are different in the universe of the show. What if humans took part in the war, not voluntary, but usually as slaves?

Gem had all the power on earth and were a extremely advanced race, who could easily take over the humans. Their armies were highly skilled and prominent across the Earth, and they obviously wouldn't never come into contact with each other. Gems, obviously, wouldn't react positively, they would:

  • A) Destroy them.
  • B) Force them to do their dirty job.

I'll go with the latter here, which is the base for the theory. This may look random and non-sense, but is supported by the fact the gem culture and human culture share many similarities. Such as them being controlled by great authorities who support slavery over weaker beings, something humans did. Also, many Gem buildings resemble a number of human buildings and by years the same social pyramid for gems used was used by humans.

Humans, fascinated by how the gems colony work, could easily copy it if they we're slaves who escaped or got free at the end of the war. This could also explain the similarities between Indian and Nepali culture and Blue Diamond's clothing and temple.

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