How and Why Homeworld started doing Fusion Experiments
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Author Spyair123
Illustrator Spyair123
Date of Publication May 13th, 2016
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How Fusion Experiments were born.


Why Homeworld hate Cross-Gem Fusion

Well, let's assume that the Homeworld had already established their first empire about at least 10,000 years ago, and had been travelling galaxies searching for more planets to invade, colonize, and grow new gems for thousands of years. For me,  I think its impossible that no gems of the different type had never accidentally fused the same way that Garnet did. I believe that some gem back then had already discovered this type of fusion before, and that the Diamonds have witnessed their powers and the potential threat they hold. Any gem can get and use all of the new abilities and powers that they have acquired just from fusing with another type of gem, Of course gems will try cross-gem fusion again and discover new types of fusions and abilities.

But wait, can't the new abilities and powers that gems can get from cross-gem fusion can do positive things and can help a lot in their society, like constructing buildings and such? Well the Diamond Authority have clearly thought all the potential it can do and still deemed and decided that cross-gem fusion should not be allowed nor even popularize, just giving the information of cross-gem fusion will make gems want to try it. Clearly the Diamond Authority can not stop gems from accidentally or intentionally fusing, so to prevent this situation from happening again, the Diamonds taught and suppressed the gems that cross-gem fusion was very unethical and they started putting rules that any who tried cross-gem fusion must be shattered immediately.

Cross-Gem Fusion during the Rebellion

In the past I've theorized that Garnet was the reason why the Cluster was created. More homeworld gems wanted to try cross-gem fusion because of Garnet. But because Homeworld prohibits cross-gem fusion and considered it as displeasing and unnatural, the gems who wanted to try it joined the Crystal Gems in which they gained protection from Homeworld. The Crystal Gems have discovered all new powers and abilities they can get from fusing with different gems, they used this as an advantage to win the war. Since the Diamonds can't just capture and stop the Crystal Gems from doing cross-gem fusion again, and stop them from winning the war using cross-gem fusions, they started creating 'cross-gem fusions' themselves. For example, Opal is made of an Amethyst and a Pearl, so to make an artificial Opal they bury an Amethyst and a Pearl together and expect that it will result into an Opal. And since then, they started creating more fusion experiments.


Cross-Gem fusion incidents have happened before Ruby and Sapphire fused into Garnet. The Diamond Authority banned cross-gem fusion and brainwashed their followers that cross-gem fusion is wrong because of the potential threat that they can overpower and overthrow them, and that gems will no longer have to listen to them because they are more powerful than them now. During the Rebellion, more and more gems joined the Crystal Gem's side and started doing cross-gem fusion in public, and they used the fusions as a weapon to win the war against Homeworld. Because the Diamonds can not successfully capture the Crystal Gems,stop them form doing cross-gem fusion, and stop them from winning the war using the cross-gem fusion, they created their own cross-gem fusion by burying two different types of gems and force them to fuse to create an artificial cross-gem fusion gem.

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