How Rose shattered Pink Diamond
Bismuth that is right
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Author Skeke
Date of Publication September , 2016
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How could a simple Quartz shatter a diamond? This theory will discuss how Rose shattered Pink Diamond and in addition, why Bismuth was bubbled.


So first of all, let's ask ourselves: How can a Diamond be shattered? Well, in real life, only a diamond can scratch another diamond and it could be the hardest material to break if microscopical factors made diamonds too "fragile". Going back to the show, it means that no gem can harm another diamond, but it can be shattered with a strong tool or extreme pressure.

I would've taken the war to Homeworld and SHATTERED the Diamonds!

—Bismuth, "Bismuth"
Bismuth said he would shatter the diamonds, but how? If he's just a Bismuth, compared to a Diamond. The Breaking Point. It can shatter any gem as Bismuth said so only this can shatter the diamonds. Not using any Gem weapon, but a tool made of natural minerals.
Bismuth suprised

But Bismuth didn't give us any signal of knowledge of the destruction of Pink Diamond. Let's remember how Bismuth regenerated: He was scared and walking backwards. Why? All the Gems got a few seconds of life before being poofed, we have seen this many times with Pearl and Amethyst. But Bismuth was so suprised that she couldn't even see what made her poof.

Just like you lied to the others about ME!!

—Bismuth, "Bismuth"
Bismuth confused

It must have been her. Rose Quartz, who, after knowing of the Breaking Point, used it to shatter Pink Diamond. Rose, in the Forge with Bismuth, poofed her. After saying "It's not right", Bismuth lost guard with anger or sadness then Rose, quickly poofed her so she can not remember what Rose just did. We can see at the beggining of the episode that Bismuth lost some of her memory about Rose and her own location.

But I didn't just disappear, did I?! YOU know what happened to ME!!

—Bismuth, "Bismuth"
Bismuth seems to recover memory when Steven said the same as Rose.

Bismuth was put into Lion's mane, where no one could acess or see Bismuth gem again. And all of this should have happened during the "battle for the Ziggurat".

Pink Diamond's death was the final point to end the war, making all Homeworld army and civilians to flee. No one could suspect a thing because as Pearl said: The war is over, there was no reason to come back to the Forge.


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Rose used the Breaking Point to shatter Pink Diamond. Even that she knew it was wrong, it was necessary. Not even the Crystal Gems knew about this. Bismuth, who was the only one with knowlegde of a way to destroy the Diamonds, was poofed by Rose so she could erase this moment.

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