How Pearl joined the Crystal Gems
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Date of Publication January 21st, 2016
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In "The Answer", it was revealed that Pearl and Rose Quartz were the first original Crystal Gems. But what we don't know is how Pearl met Rose Quartz and how she joined the rebellion.


Pearl's original owner

So in the past, I've theorized that Pearl from the Crystal Gems was originally White Diamond's. A Pearl and their Diamond's appearances correspond with each other. For example, Blue Pearl and her owner had blue skin, both of them cover their eyes, and also their gemstone placements are in the same location. Pearl from the Crystal Gems and White Diamond have similarities too, their skin color is obviously white, their gemstone placement are both on their forehead. So Pearl is originally White Diamond's. 

Pearl being Defective


In the episode "The Return", when Jasper arrives at the temple and met the Crystal Gems, she scornfully comments on how each member of the Crystal Gems' looks. Jasper describes Amethyst as puny overcooked runt, Garnet as a shamless display and Pearl as lost and defective. But how did Pearl become defective? Amethyst simply stayed in the ground too long making her "overcooked". Fusion of different types of gems  is considered completely inapproproate and discomforting to the eyes of the Homeworld gems, making Garnet a "shameless display".  

How about Pearl? what makes her defective? 

Why is Pearl Defective


If we take a closer look on Yellow Diamond's Pearl and Blue Diamond's Pearl, their gemstones are circular/spherical. Pearl from the Crystal Gems have an oval/ellipsoid gemstone instead of having a spherical gemstone. Also all the Pearls and gems we've seen (except Pearl from the Crystal Gems) are monochromatic or they're composed of only one color with different shades. Example of a monochromatic gem is Lapis Lazuli. Lapis is mainly composed of the color blue, her hair, clothes, and skin are all shades of blue. However Pearl can change the color of her hair and clothes, making her the only gem that isn't monochromatic.  Because of this, Pearl from the Crystal Gems is proven to be an imperfect Pearl, because of the shape of her gemstone and because she isn't monochromatic.

How Pearl met Rose Quartz

Since White Diamond noticed that her Pearl is defective and imperfect, she wanted Pearl to be shattered or at least wanted to throw away Pearl. Before Pearl got thrown away or before she was shattered, Rose Quartz found her and rescued her. After meeting Rose Quartz, Pearl quickly fell in love with her and joined the Crystal Gems. Another scenario that might have happened is that White Diamond gave away Pearl to the Diamonds, but the Diamonds declined except for Pink Diamond. When Pink Diamond got Pearl, she gave it to Rose Quartz to help her lead the rebellion. 


Pearl from the Crystal Gems was originally going to be White Diamond's Pearl. But because Pearl is defective, she gave her to Pink Diamond. Pink Diamond gave Pearl to Rose Quartz to help her lead the rebellion.  

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