Homeworld invades to save Mankind from the Cluster
That Will Be All 173
Theory Information
Title Homeworld invades to save Mankind from the Cluster
Author Erebus Elysium
Date of Publication March 1, 2017


This theory is about Homeworld sending troops to Earth to take Earth's human population, saving them from the Cluster's emerging (not knowing that Steven and Peridot neutralized it). (Disclaimer: When the page was first created, Rocknaldo was the most recent episode)


While Ronaldo isn't exactly the most well-liked character in the show, Ronaldo's crazed, consiracy-riddled claims have been used as a thinly-veilled means of foreshadowing Gem lore and plot-points that surface later. By the end of "Keep Beach City Weird", Ronaldo comes to the conclusion that the world was ran by "polymorphic sentient rocks" "that hollow out the Earth for the Great Diamond Authority". While the idea of them running the world is a bit far-fetched, "polymorphic sentient rocks" fits the description of what Gems are almost perfectly, "hollowing out the Earth" being a description for the process of creating Gems and "The Great Diamond Authority" being stated as the matriarchal group (the Diamonds) that rules over homeworld. Later in the episode "Rising Tides, Crashing Skies", Steven tells Ronaldo that Peridot came to Earth for the Crystal Gems (and the Cluster) and not to "snatch up humans for a human zoo. Later in Season 4, Blue Diamond takes Greg to the Human Zoo, a place Pink Diamond kept humans in captivity as a prize. Finally, in "Rocknaldo", Ronaldo claims in his pamphalets that "Rock People" (the description for them being identicle to Gems) are poisoning the water supply with mind-controlling minerals.

In "That Will Be All", Yellow Diamond learns of Blue Diamond's desire to preserve what is left of the "Earth specimans" (humans) before the Cluster destroys Earth. Hoping that it appeases her sister, my theory suggests that Yellow Diamond tasks gems under her authority to go to Earth and take as many humans as they can before the Cluster emerges (not knowing that the Cluster is no longer a problem). In order to "save" as many humans as they can without causing mass panic amongst the human populace, the gems will use a type of mind-controlling agent to achieve this.

It is clear that human biology, while not a large priority to gem kind as a whole, is still understood well-enough by Homeworld. "Gem Heist" and "The Zoo" make it clear that while Homeworld's means of caring for humans is not very advanced in the way of mental and emotional stimulation (the "Zoomans" in their care possessing the mental and emotional maturity of small children), they do seem to understand the basic biological needs that humans require, having created an AI computer capable of taking care of them. They produce food with the proper amount of nutrition for all of them, they have bathing facilities, regular sleeping hours, and seem to possess a high enough understanding of human reproduction to keep the Zoo populated after thousands of years of no new human submissions with no forseeable signs of inbreeding.


With the Cluster and Jasper out of the picture, there is no (non-internal) threats the Gems are facing. Steven and Greg escaped the Zoo with the Diamonds none the wiser, Holly Blue Agate is unable to do anything about it with threats of looking incompetent to her boss and the Quartz Gems of the Human Zoo surely aren't going to do anything about it. 

While Yellow Diamond is abrasive, she clearly cares for her "sisters". She tries to get Blue Diamond to move past her grief in a show of "tough love" and she herself is merely experiencing the first (Denial) and second (Anger) stages of the five stages of grief over the death of Pink Diamond. Odds are she would do something like this for Blue Diamond. 

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