Homeworld and the Diamonds
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Theory Information
Title Homeworld and the Diamonds
Author SpinDizzy1
Illustrator SpinDizzy1
Date of Publication January 5, 2016
Publication Order
Previous The Disappearance of Pink Diamond


This theory is about the leaders of Homeworld, both past and present, who they are and where they are now.


Since Ronaldo Fryman theorized in "Keep Beach City Weird" that there was a grand conspiracy relating to the enslavement of humans by a Great Diamond Authority, many Steven Universe fans have put forward their ideas about who these leaders (the Diamonds) are as well as what has become of them. The most popular theories have been that Rose Quartz and Lapis Lazuli were Diamonds, or that only Yellow Diamond now rules Homeworld. This theory will attempt to explain who the Diamonds really are and what has become of them.

The Existence of Diamonds

It has been mentioned during The Return that both Jasper and Peridot work for a Gem known as Yellow Diamond. This matches up with the yellow diamond sigil that both of these Homeworld Gems wear upon their uniforms as well as the sigils used in Facet Five. We know what Yellow Diamond looks like, her image was shown in the extended version of the Crystal Gems theme that was shown at SDCC 2015. This image bears an uncanny resemblence for a statue of a sword-wielding Gem in the Ancient Sky Arena, which also gives us Yellow Diamond's gemstone shape and location, a diamond upon her chest. This also corresponds to another depictation of her, a stylized version of Yellow Diamond that once appeared upon a mural in the Pyramid Temple in Serious Steven. The Pyramid Temple mural also depicted other Gems, a blue one and a white one in a similar stylized way that Yellow Diamond was portrayed, as well as Rose Quartz.

In The Answer, Garnet confirms that although Sapphire was an aristocratic Gem, she belonged to a Gem known as Blue Diamond. We also see that Sapphire wears a blue diamond logo which shows which Diamond that she serves. We do not see Blue Diamond's form apart from she was much taller than her own Pearl, and that she had a light blue diamond on her chest, just like the one that the blue Gem in the Pyramid Temple mural is portayed with.

Currently the only Gem that is not identified in the mural is the white one, however the similarities between this white Gem, Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond cannot be ignored. It is reasonable to say that this third Gem is White Diamond. This corresponds with the modern Homeworld sigil that has been shown on the spaceship Peridot and Jasper use to go to Earth in: a blue, white and yellow triangle placed together - each triangle symbolizes one of these three Diamonds.

In earlier structures like the Ancient Sky Arena and the original spaceships used to colonize Earth, a different logo is used, depicting four coloured diamonds placed in a diamond formation. Three of these diamonds corresponds to the colors of the Diamonds shown in the Pyramid Temple mural. The fourth one, a pink diamond appears to have been vandalized in the Ancient Sky Arena. Just as Jasper and Peridot have worn a yellow diamond logo, and Sapphire has worn a blue diamond logo which denotes who they serve, Rose Quartz's Pearl has been seen to be wearing a pink diamond logo (on her spacesuit in Space Race and Back to the Barn, as well as on her fusion Sardonyx), and even Holo-Pearl was created with a diamond sigil upon her chest.

The sigils of Homeworld tell us that once there were four Diamonds leading Homeworld, but since the Gem Wars that number has gone down to three.

Who are the Diamonds?

The Diamonds are single Gem entities, another words they are not fusions. They lack the extra body parts to indicate they are mixed Gem fusions, or additional gemstones to show that they are same Gem fusions. They share a common trait of having identically shaped gemstones set in the same place (their chests), the only difference between the Diamonds are their colours.

Where are the Diamonds now?

Yellow Diamond

Both Jasper and Peridot have confirmed in The Return that Yellow Diamond is alive and in charge of overseeing the Cluster project.

Blue Diamond and White Diamond

There is no evidence to suggest that Blue Diamond or White Diamond are no longer leaders of Homeworld. Their depiction on the mural in the Pyramid Temple does not show any of the Diamonds being destroyed, however it does show that Rose Quartz confronted Blue Diamond after the initial attack on the Cloud Arena in The Answer. The current Homeworld sigil show the colours of White, Blue and Yellow Diamond (if Yellow Diamond ruled alone she could have used her own personal sigil, the yellow diamond). No corrupted Gems found on Earth even resemble the gemstones of Blue and Yellow Diamond which appear to be identical apart from colour.

Pink Diamond

The Homeworld sigil changed around the time of the Gem Wars, which suggest that Pink Diamond was removed from power around the same time. My previous theory about Pink Diamond suggested that Pink Diamond was a supporter of mixed Gem fusion (see: The Disappearance of Pink Diamond). With the additional evidence presented in The Answer, it may have been Garnet herself that inspired the rebel Gems on Earth to embrace mixed Gem fusion, including Pink Diamond herself. This also suggests that Pink Diamond was a Crystal Gem too, that she may have given up her position as leader to fight alongside Rose Quartz.

Unlike Garnet/Sapphire who removed any trace of her loyalty to Blue Diamond from her form, Pearl has never done that for Pink Diamond, which suggests that Pink Diamond was seen in a more favourable light among the Crystal Gems than any of the other Diamonds.

Pink Diamond still fights alongside Rose Quartz although both Gems are now in different forms. Rose Quartz is now part of Steven, whereas Pink Diamond is... Lion (see also my theory that Lion was a Crystal Gem). The Answer and Serious Steven confirmed that both Yellow, White and Blue's gemshape and placement are identical, and that can be extrapolated to Pink Diamond - she will have a pink-diamond shaped gemstone on her chest. Lion is reminscent of a corrupted Gem that he bears a resemblance to Earth-based lifeforms and has magical powers (not all corrupted Gems are agressive of course). Whenever Steven accesses Lion's pocket dimension, a pink diamond-shaped glow can be seen coming from Lion's mane, just where his chest is.

(Note: It is uncertain why Rose Quartz hid Lion from Pearl, but one reason could be that Pearl was not originally Rose Quartz's Pearl, she in fact belonged to Pink Diamond hence why she is so fancy (as described by Peridot) and also the pink diamong logos on Pearl's spacesuit but not on Rose Quartz's attire so far.)

(Additional Note: The episode "It Could've Been Great" shows Lion crashing into a wall on the Moon Base. Unlike Steven who is affected by the moon's weaker gravity, the Gems are unaffected... and so is Lion.

We're Gems, we're a space-faring race designed to conquer other worlds. Our physical forms adjust automatically to the gravity of every planetoid.

—Peridot, It Could've Been Great
Lion's physical form has adjusted to the lack of gravity, just like the Gems. The most likely reason for this is... he is a Gem, however he is no ordinary one. The episode also reveals that Lion not only has the ability to access the Diamond Base on the moon, a place where only the elite of elite Gems could access, his long range teleportation shows him moving through a really long, diamond-shaped tunnel, thus adding to the evidence that Lion is really Pink Diamond.)


The Great Diamond Authority as described by Ronaldo Fryman exists, although their motives remain mostly unknown. Although the storyline is centered around Yellow Diamond, there is no proof to say that Blue Diamond or White Diamond are not also currently in charge of Homeworld, it's just that their current activities have not been mentioned.

Finally, although Rose Quartz led the rebellion, Pink Diamond joined the rebellion as well and became a Crystal Gem. Her fate was like that of the majority of the Crystal Gems and she became corrupted. However with either Rose Quartz's help or by herself, Pink Diamond/Lion has effectively became Steven's guardian and silent mentor under the noses of the other Crystal Gems.

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