Heeey! So uh, this is my first theory on the wiki. Not much to say, so lets just get into it:

Homeworld Ranks Based on Mohs Scale
Theory Information
Author CalimTheCrystalGem
Date of Publication 07/07/2017


First of all, what is a mohs scale? A mohs scale is basically a thing used to rank how much a gemstone is hard, from 1 to 10. But in Steven Universe, the Crewniverse might use the mohs scale for something else. They use it to say if a Gem is low-ranked or high-ranked in the Homeworld society, and how much so, with higher they are on the mohs scale being higher they are on Homeworld society. A few examples that prooves thie theory right:

  • Diamonds are 10 in mohs scale, therefore being the hardest existing gemstone and the highest Gem type in Homeworld of course
  • Sapphires are 9 on the mohs scale, therefore being just below the Diamonds in being important and therefore being aristocrats
  • Aquamarines and topazes are both 8 in the mohs scale, therefore also being important for Homeworld
  • Pearls are 2 on the mohs scale, and in Homeworld, they are so low that they are servants
  • Rubies are also 9 in the mohs scale, and Rubies, while being common soldiers, seem to always be in touch with other high-ranked Gems (escorting someone important as Sapphire in "The Answer", partaking in a "important mission from Yellow Diamond" in "Hit the Diamond")

If this theory ends up being true, then this means that:

  • Quartzes, Agates and Peridots are all just as important since they are all 6.5 to 7 in the mohs scale.
  • Zircons are a bit more important than all of the 3 since the maximum hard they can be is 7, while the only hard zircons can be are 7.5
  • Nephrites, Lapis lazulis and Rutiles are all just as important since they are all 6
  • Bismuths are just as important as Pearls since they are 2 on the mohs scale- this means that while they are construction workers, they aren't valorized and might actually be forced to build

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