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Homeworld Eras is now a confirmed theory! Congratulations to the theory's author, SpinDizzy1!
Homeworld Eras
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Title Homeworld Eras
Author SpinDizzy1
Illustrator SpinDizzy1
Date of Publication January 25, 2016
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This theory is an attempt to shed light on the two seperate eras of Homeworld history which are marked by the changes to their Great Diamond Authority, as well as the actual names given by Homeworld Gems to reference these times.


Pink and Blue Diamond Moon Base Pictures

First Homeworld Logo

It has been pointed out that Homeworld Gems have two similar logos for their Great Diamond Authority. The first logo which is associated with Gem constructions prior to the Rebellion (Gem Wars) has four different coloured diamonds, with each one representing one of the four Diamond matriarchs that govern Homeworld and its other Gem colonies.

New Diamond Authority Logo

Second Homeworld Logo

The second logo is comprised of three coloured triangles in a triangular arangement. The colours correspond to three of the four Diamonds that were referenced in the first Homeworld logo. The missing colour is pink, which is often refered by people as a Diamond that was removed from the Great Diamond Authority - Pink Diamond.

In "Too Far" Peridot describes the Kindergarten's injectors as being Era 1 ones. We know from "It Could've Been Great" that the Kindergarten dated from the time when other Gem structures such as the Lunar Sea Spire and the Moon Base were created. These Gem structures bear the old Homeworld symbol.

It is likely that the old Homeworld Symbol actually refers to what Homeworld Gems call "Era 1" - which would be the time when there were four Diamonds. Peridot's words also implies that there is more than one era, so it is likely that the newer (triangular) Homeworld logo refers to the era after Era 1, after Pink Diamond's removal from the Great Diamond Authority. Currently it has no name but it is likely to be called Era 2.

There is a structure on Earth that is not listed on the Moon Base and bears the Era 2 logo. Known as The Pyramid Temple, it was part of the corrupted Gem's form, rather than a structure that Homeworld Gems managing to build a temple during the midst of war, when (in It Could've Been Great) it has been shown that the rebellion had managed to halt Homeworld's building projects on Earth. This suggests that the Era 2 symbol was at least known Gems at the point when corruption affected many of the Gems that had been left behind on Earth, so the Era 2 logo was in use by Homeworld Gems at least as far back as the last battles on Earth.

Pink Diamond's removal from the Great Diamond Authority lies between when Blue Diamond had managed to create five percent of the structures that she (and perhaps the other Diamonds) had planned for Earth, and the time when Rose Quartz and Pearl attacked Blue Diamond's court at the Cloud Arena (in The Answer). Admist Blue Diamond's court are Gems of a blue hue that resemble loosely Blue Diamond, and those who are pink and red who do not look anything like Blue Diamond - a prior theory of mine suggest that a Gem's colour is related to the Diamond they were originally created for, so those red/pink Gems as well as Ruby and Rose Quartz were originally made for Pink Diamond. Pink Diamond was already gone from the Great Diamond Authority even at this point. We also know from Garnet's description of the Crystal Gems and the Rebellion that it was already established at this time, that the attack was not the Crystal Gems' first.


Homeworld Gems refer to the time when there were four Diamonds in the Great Diamond Authority as "Era One". This is marked on structures built around this time with the four diamond insignia of Homeworld.

A second era, "Era Two" is marked with the absence of Pink Diamond, the insignia used on Homeworld structures to refer to this era uses the three-triangle pattern.

Additional Note

Pearl however may have given us a clue to exactly when and where Pink Diamond disappeared, in "Sworn to the Sword":

This is an Ancient Sky Arena, Connie, where some of the first battles for Earth took place. It was here that I became familiar with the human concept of being a knight, completely dedicated to a person and a cause.

—Pearl, Sworn to the Sword
It is often pointed out by theorists that part of the old Homeworld logo in the Ancient Sky Arena has been vandalized (the pink diamond part). I think that the broken diamond was a foreshadowing, or rather a reverse foreshadowing that this was the site was the place where Pink Diamond fell or was removed from power during one of those first battles. Whether Rose Quartz was really Pink Diamond or not, the removal of Pink Diamond from the Great Diamond Authority meant that her former followers had only two choices, serve another Diamond (like Ruby did) or go rogue (which appears what Rose Quartz and Pearl did). It was at this point that Era One of Homeworld ended and Era Two began.

Confirmed Theory

Both eras and events stated here were confirmed in the episode "Too Short to Ride" where Peridot claim herself as a Era-2 gem.