Ok, so this has been bugging me for a while, so I decided to add my idea here and see if anyone else agreed or had an opinion on it. Greg's permanent tan line.

Greg Universe

Current Greg

It might be easy enough to say that he works at a carwash and lives out of a van, so yeah, he would have a constant tan line/sunburn...but here's the rub: The default outfit we see Greg in is a tank top and shorts while his tan line is that of long pants and a T-shirt. He even has this through winter when he must wear longer clothing.

So here is my theory:

What if Greg has a permanent tan line/ sunburn from Steven's birth? This might be a stretch, but hear me out. I think that when Rose "gave birth" to Steven, there was probably a burst of light between Rose poofing and Steven appearing. (I personally think

that Rose is dormant in Steven's gem, but that's another theory for a different page) And that burst of light was so powerful that it altered Greg's skin tone, leaving him with a perpetual tan along the clothes that he happened to be wearing at the time. (for brevity at this point, I will be referring to it as the burn)

At his youngest in the series

Greg when he meets Rose

My Evidence:

Greg just before Steven's birth

Greg just before Steven's birth

Obviously Greg didn't have the burn when he first met Rose. Him being a "Rock Star" it's easy to excuse him not having it. But, in 'Lion 3: Straight to Video' we see a more recent Greg, looking more or less like he does currently, only with a slightly smaller gut and a bit more hair on the top of his head. There is also one other difference, no burn. Fine, that could still be written off as maybe the car wash job was still ahead of him. But no, in 'Greg the Babysitter' we find out that Greg got the job back in his earlier dating stages with Rose. So why didn't he have the burn in 'Lion 3' when he had, presumably, been at the job for a number of years at this point? Another thing to point out in 'Lion 3' is that we see Greg in an outfit we hadn't seen him in prior; a plain, black Tshirt and unripped jeans. An outfit that matches his burn save for the flip flops. Rose also looks like she's very close to the end of her pregnancy. We can probably assume that she had Steven shortly after the video was made. And to tie the ribbon on top: the youngest we see Greg with his burn is in 'Three Gems and a Baby' shortly after Steven's birth. It might even be a little pinker than it is later in his life, signaling a newer/fresher burn.

Greg just after Steven's birth

Greg just after Steven's birth


I don't think there is much importance to Greg's burn. I just think it might be a fun little tidbit to see how he gets the burn at some point, and this might be the explanation. The creators and Goddess Rebecca Sugar, don't just through things into the show lightly. Everything has a purpose, even the tiniest details. Everything is there for either character development, plot development, or world building. I honestly don't think they would have put so much forethought (considering Greg's timeline) into his skin tone for it to be just, "Oh he's a chilled bum-y guy who works outside and lives out of his van by choice, duh he's going to have a sun burn!" If anything, it could just be a constant reminder of the day Greg lost Rose, but got Steven.

What do you all think? Did anyone else think that there might be a reason behind Greg's tan line? Or do you have your own idea?