Green Diamond will appear
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Headcanon Information
Title Green Diamond will appear
Author Quartzel2.0
Illustrator Quartzel2.0
Date of Publication July 1, 2017


What will be the end of the show ? Today I offer you a theory about the serie finale, or at least the fall of the Diamond's Supremacy.

My Theory

Green Diamond


Blue Diamond seems not to be a very strong character, so I can't imagine the Crystal Gems fight her. However, she is very closed to Yellow Diamond, so maybe Yellow Diamond will fuse with her in order to form Green Diamond, an invicible Gem. Their gems are both on their chests, so maybe the fusion will have only one big and unbreakable green diamond. I think Green Diamond could be the last ennemy of the Crystal Gems, the only obstacle for a new Gem Society. I don't consider White Diamond as a danger because, in my opinion, White Diamond is Homeworld so she can't physically attack the Crystal Gems. Therefore, Green Diamond will be the ultimate fight for freedom.

The end of Green Diamond


There are a lot of suppositions here because everything I am writing now can only be possible if my first part is not disproved. They are two main possibilities for the end of Green Diamond :

1) The fusion is unstable. Even if Yellow and Blue Diamonds are very closed, they have different opinions about some subjects, like the preservation of Humans or the fate of all the Rose Quartz (episode 4.15 "That Will Be All"). They also almost fight each other during "The Trial" (episode 5.2). Maybe Blue Diamond will decide not to fight the Crystal Gem, and the fusion won't last. Here, there are three sub-possibilities : Blue Diamond survives and rules (or not) the new peaceful society ; Blue Diamond fights Yellow Diamond and they kill each other ; Green Diamond can't be separated (because of the unique gem in her chest) so she is auto-shattered.

2) There is no problem with the fusion, so the only way to beat her will be a mega-fusion with all the Crystal Gems. It is the most heroic way, but personally I prefer the first one because it is much more tragic. Besides, the show often uses emotional scenes for its decisive moment, so the first possibility is more likely to happen.


That was my opinion for the show's ultimate fight. I hope you enjoy it !

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