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Gem rank/class groups theory is now a confirmed theory! Congratulations to the theory's author, JinxBinx!
Gem rank/class groups theory
Group o garnets
Theory Information
Author General Obsanite and JinxBinx.
Illustrator General Obsanite
Date of Publication May 3, 2015
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Theory Story

Homeworld has different castes of gems. Some groups specialize in combat, like Jasper, and other groups specialize in other set of skills. Many groups with varying skills are needed on Homeworld, such as being specialized in repairing and inventing new things, like Peridot.

For this reason, there is probably a certain skill set for every or most gem types.

In the groups would be weak, strong and under-skilled gems. Skilled Gems with either an evil or good alignment would be in the groups.

It is also possible that not only did Rose not like what was happening to Earth, but she could have also disliked how the diamonds grouped all the gems together.

It is also possible that sometimes two gems from different castes would meet outside their groups for friendly, aggressive, or maybe even love purposes.

The Diamonds, wanting things to be as organized as possible, would try to prevent this and keep the gems doing things like fusion only with other gems in their group. For example, a Jasper and another Jasper would most likely just make a bigger Jasper (only a possibility).

The Diamonds would try to keep the castes together to try to stop gems form rebelling against them.


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Confimed Theory

It is confirmed in the episode "Back to the Barn" that gems ranks actually exists, like Pearl and Peridot.