Gem Colors and the Diamonds
[[Tumblr inline o0m6lkSVru1r3u7tj 250|250px]]
Theory Information
Author The Holy Stick
Illustrator The Holy Stick
Date of Publication January 24, 2016
The Diamonds are different colors. Blue, yellow, pink, and white. What if the Gems that live under them were assigned to them due to the color of their gem?


Take Blue Diamond's court for example:

They all seem to be on a spectrum of blue to purple. There are pink and red Gems in there, but I think that they are the Gems who severed under Pink Diamond. I assume that they were placed under a different Diamond after Pink Diamond left.

Now let's take a look at Yellow Diamond's court.

These Gems seem to be on a spectrum of orange to green, so that means Yellow Diamond would rule over green, orange, and yellow Gems.

With this, we would have to assume that the Gems that lived under Pink Diamond are anywhere from pink to red, and that the Gems under White Diamond are anywhere from white to as dark as black.

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