Gem's Skin Color
Theory Information
Author Spyair123
Illustrator Spyair123
Date of Publication August 6th, 2016
Publication Order
Previous How Gems on Earth became Corrupted


Where Gems get their skin colors from.



Beta Kindergarten

In "Beta", We saw where Jasper originated from, the Beta Kindergarten. Jasper is a Quartz type gem soldier with tangerine skin and red-orange markings. Another Gem that was grown in this Kindergarten is Carnelian, who was mentioned by Peridot. Real life Carnelians are glassy, translucent and are also red-orange and a variety of Quartz. The Beta Kindergarten's soil/rock is orange-reddish in color just like the Gems that were produced there.


Prime Kindergarten

Another Kindergarten that we know of is the Prime Kindergarten. The color of the rocks/soil of the Prime Kindergarten is dusty or dull dark purple-ish. One gem we know who originated from this Kindergarten is Amethyst. Amethyst's skin color is also purple. Other Purple, Violet, or even Blue gems were possibly made in this Kindergarten just like her. With these coincidences, I assumed that Gems acquire their skin color from the soil they were incubating onto.


The location which the gemstone is buried to gives the gem its skin color or at least some of it. For example, Jasper was made from the Beta Kindergarten, where the surrounding soil and rocks are mostly colored orange and red, so Jasper has orange skin with red markings on her body.

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