Galactic Wars:Earth VS Gem (Home)World
Headcanon Information
Author Mechadestroyer
Date of Publication October 15, 2016
Theory:Galactic Wars.

Gems would start to colonize Milky Way, the last Planet stading is Earth. You thought that Earth is without help? You're wrong!

How should Earth beat Gem Homeworld:

Probabily is too much political but Earth got a huge population, armies and economy. Tanks can destroy buildings, they can poof giant fusions as Alexandrite.Technology is the best weapon of us. Gems got just ancient technology.


In next seasons, probabily Gems will be deafeated and series will end.Gems would be killed and United Nations would think that Crystal Gems would be evil even if they helped Earth so Crystal Gems will die. Connie will get a normal life and Steven will be alone with her.


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