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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, Bismuth is a Double Agent. We appreciate the attempt.
Bismuth is a Double Agent
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Theory Information
Title Bismuth is a Double Agent
Author Erebus Elysium
Illustrator mambocat
Date of Publication July 11, 2016


Bismuth is/was secretly working for Homeworld, having infultrated the Crystal Gems to gather intel.




The first full-fledged appearance [a] Bismuth makes in the show is shown in a flashback in "Same Old World", where Lapis Lazuli reflects the events that led to her imprisonment in the mirror. It is shown that Lapis was poofed by a large, quartz-like gem of a very recognizable appearance. The gem's exact features are obscured, but the gem notably has rainbow-dreadlock hair and a gem in similar shape and position on the body. While most gems of similar gem types tend to be similar to one another, the odds of these being two different gems is unlikely. Should this gem actually BE the Bismuth featured as a member of the Crystal Gems, it is likely that that very same Bismuth was the one that placed Lapis in the mirror, which just so happened to have gotten in the hands of the Homeworld forces, trying to use Lapis as a way to reveal Crystal Gem-secrets.
Bismuth gem

Bismuth's Gem?

The first physical evidence of Bismuth is shown in "Lion 3: Straight to Video", her gem in-stasis in a pink bubble found in Lion's pocket dimension. Why would a supposed friend, member and ally of the Crystal Gems be stuck in a bubble for over 5,000 years instead of being conscious and active with her friends?


My theory is that Bismuth was a double agent, working to undermine and ultimately lead to the destruction of the rebellion and all that Rose Quartz worked for from the inside on behalf of the Diamonds. Rose Quartz eventually found out and, unable to go through with shattering a gem she considered a friend, had her bubbled indefinetily. When she is eventually freed, she redresses herself back into the charade of "Crystal Gem Bismuth" when Pearl and Garnet greet her with welcome instead of hostility, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Disproved Theory

In her premier episode "Bismuth", it is revealed that Bismuth was not a double agent working for the Diamonds. In fact her motivations are the opposite, as she was bubbled because she was too dedicated to Rose's cause, having created a weapon expressly designed to kill gems. Rose ended up bubbling her out of fear that Bismuth would use the weapon on others, as well as possibly creating a rift of ideals among the Crystal Gems should they have learned of Bismuth's plans.

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