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Featured Theory
Bismuth Shattered Pink Diamond is the Featured Theory for August 2016, which means it was considered to be one of the best theories Steven Universe Theory Zone Wiki, as determined by the community.
Bismuth Shattered Pink Diamond
[[Bismuth Breaking Point|250px]]
Theory Information
Author Meganekko-chan
Illustrator Meganekko=chan
Date of Publication August 29th, 2016


Pink Diamond was shattered during the Homeworld War. As far as Steven and the Gems know, Rose Quartz was the one who did it. Rose also bubbled Bismuth after she revealed to Rose her plans to actually shatter the Diamonds. But Pink Diamond was shattered before Bismuth was bubbled. Rose saw Bismuth use the Breaking Point to kill Pink Diamond, and was forced to bubble Bismuth. Rose never told the other Crystal Gems what happened to Bismuth because she didn't want them to remember their friend that way. Rose told them it was her who shattered Pink Diamond to save Bismuth's reputation.

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