Another Amethyst/Kindergarten Gem Theory
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Theory Information
Title Another Amethyst/Kindergarten Gem Theory
Author El Rincon de Nsuprem
Illustrator Qnomei
Date of Publication October 16, 2015
Source El Ricon de Nsuprem Tumblr
In "On The Run", Amethyst's hole is behind her in this scene, as she and Steven were just inside of it before Pearl showed up. Now, remember the name of that one episode that hasn't aired yet? "The Kindergarten Kid"? It's possible that there's another Amethyst, and the episode "Steven vs. Amethyst" isn't even about our Amethyst.

This theory at least proves that there's one more gem like Amethyst out there, corrupted or not.

Tumblr nwa77tvjnP1snbgi5o1 1280

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