Amethyst Wants To Be Human
Theory Information
Author Ice Bear Phantom
Illustrator Ice Bear Phantom
Date of Publication January 10th, 2016
Publication Order
Previous Lapis' Capture
Next Pink Diamond's True Assassin and the Cover-Up's Purpose

Amethyst is the wild and childish gem of the group. The Earth is everything she's ever known, as she was created in the planet's gem Kindergarten. But, what if she is attached to Earth enough that she wants to be the planet's prominent species: a human?

Analyzing Amethyst


Amethyst Get Your Head Out Of The Fridge

Outside of battle, Amethyst is usually very lazy. She eats and sleeps, even though, being mainly hard light constructs, gems don't need to. When called to the Communication Hub for the second time in "Cry for Help", she is seen grumpy when Pearl tells her to leave the fridge. Her obsession with food and rest is much stronger than that of Garnet or Pearl. Her room's cleanliness is also unattended to and is messy enough to be a maze. This sets up a view of her as the typical lazy human teenager.


Amethyst Vidalia
Amethyst is known to be a troublemaker. Her profile on the Steven Universe Wiki states that she "aids in the shenanigans of Steven Universe". Her fellow troublemaking companion years ago was a human by the name of Vidalia. Due to the friendship between these two, Vidalia was most likely looked up to (in two ways) by Amethyst. This may be a reason for her possible desire to be human.

Interest in Humans

Amethyst Likes Greg
When Amethyst first meets Greg, she is crawling all over him and even going as far as lifting his shirt. She is most likely examining him because she hopes to be a human someday. Later, in "Maximum Capacity", she is shown to like some human belongings, such as video tapes for the TV show, Lil' Butler. Amethyst helps Greg with his resolution by taking items from his U-Stor for her own room. This is most likely a display of her love for human objects. In many episodes, she transforms into a wrestler alter ego, Purple Puma, showing her appreciation for human sports.


In the upcoming lineup for Steven Universe episodes, there is an episode titled "The Kindergarten Kid". From the "How are Gems Made?" Classroom Gems short, we know that gems are never incarnated as babies, so they are most likely not going to go through the "kid" phase. This could be an oversight or a view on Amethyst's possible human transition.

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