Sneerson by kmes
Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, All Gems Can't Fuse. We appreciate the attempt.

Hey guys, Iris here, today I'm going to write my theory about the thing that all Gems can't fuse.

All Gems Can't Fuse
Headcanon Information
Title All Gems Can't Fuse
Author IrisIsBestPrincess
Date of Publication February 6, 2016
Publication Order
Next Pregnant Rose Couldn't Fuse


So, I think all Gems can't fuse. I don't mean Gems with different gemstone placements (example: Opal) or same gemstones (example: the Ruby fusion). I mean Gems with the same gemstone placement, like Pearl and Peridot. I also say that a Gem that would have a gemstone on the chest or on the palms would have trouble fusing with Amethyst and Garnet, respectively.

Leave some feedback in the comments below! Also, sorry if this theory is bad, it's my first one.

Disproved Headcannon

It has been said by the creators that the gemstones would be side-by-side.

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